About us

Food is a form of nostalgia. For us, it is a legacy of spreading happiness handed down generations of our family-run business known for its warm hospitality and cold cuts. The Royal Empire was born in an era when the times were simple, and the meat was delicious. Ever since the 90s through our stores in Delhi- NCR, we have been there at your dinner table conversations and for elaborate dinner rituals, always delighted to be a part of it with the most succulent freshest meats and everything under the sun, which helps cook it to perfection.

We plan to keep this culinary culture alive even through the years to come. Hence, we are now taking this family legacy forward by bringing to you the comfort of enjoying our products from wherever you are and whenever your heart craves. We are an orchid full of meat and gourmet meat products: premium fresh, frozen, marinated meats, poultry, seafood, cold cuts. We also bring you an array of our in-house delicatessens. You name it we have it.

Go on cook up a savoury meaty thought, and we’ll make it happen.

When it comes to your family, we know you always want the best. And we are here to give you just that! While we may not have it all, but we make sure whatever reaches you has a dash of freshness infused in each bite. We provide our extended family (you) with only what meets the highest standards of quality. Hence, for every product that makes the cut, there are dozens of others that don’t. And we won’t have it any other way!

Our mission is to provide you with fresh and tender meat that fills not just your tummy but your heart with warmth too!

We don’t JUST sell meat, we sell an experience. Fancy what that feels like?

Why don’t you call for some meat and see for yourself?